360 Total Security Crack Premium 2020

 360 Total Security Crack Premium 2020

360 Total Security crack & product key 2020

 360 Total Security Crack is free that provides a unified solution for PC security and usefulness. Download today to receive the best optimization tools and total protection against malware, virus, and other emerging internet threats.


  • Whether you’re shopping on the internet, downloading files, or chatting with your buddies, you may be sure that 360 Total Security is there to help keep you secure and your personal computer optimized. Cleanup usefulness is only one click away to keep your PC in the best condition.

Complete Check

  • Instantly check the general health and safety of your computers with one click.
  • Manage and maximize system solutions, startup items, and plugins: shorten boot times and get started earlier!
  • Cleanup frees up disk space by removing junk files and plugins, which can improve system functionality –
  • Cleanup lets you choose which places and data to wash.
  • The protection offers four different user-selectable styles: Performance / Balanced / Security and Custom. Each method provides a varying degree of protection against malware, phishing attacks, and back doors.
  • Numerous protections ensure a safer and quieter electronic experience. Determine your stress without malware, trojans, and information theft.
  • You can run risky programs from the sandbox; the risks are stored separately in the system and also isolated.
  • Automatic updates and topic support.
  • 360 Cloud Security GIVES real-time protection with the latest virus definition updates and continuously delivered danger indicators, so your PC is continually updated and protected.

Primary purposes are as follows:

  • “Speedup” optimizes system startup and service items for faster PC startup.
  • 360 Total Security includes a wide range of useful tools in the Toolbox. Game Booster generates the ideal gaming experience for almost all PC users. 360 TurboVPN protects your online promotions and unlocks geo-restricted items; With Link 3.0, you can solve your friend’s and family’s computer problems from your mobile phone. And much more that you discover.
  • Starting with version 9, 360 Total Security users can upgrade to a premium membership to enjoy an ad-free meeting, the trendy Lively theme, and a much more exclusive discount.
  • 360 Total Security is not only security software that protects you from viruses and cyber threats, but also a PC health guard who takes care of your PC from security to performance. When it’s online or offline, it’s available 24/7, and it’s always FREE.

                     360 Total Security crack

360 Total Security crack



  • The program efficiently performs essential functions and has a clean user interface with a contemporary yet straightforward and intuitive appearance.
  • 360 Total Security Premium works fast and is a relatively light program that does not interfere with your system.
  • With this type of power supply at the base of the program, you can ensure that your PC is protected with real-time protection and also with a proactive defense.
  • Premium features of 360 Total Security include Safe Browsing, Privacy Protection, and Sandboxing. 360 Total Security Premium also includes automatic updates and support for the following reasons.
  • To get an excellent security product with premium features, look no further than QIHU’s 360 Total Security Premium.
  • By 2020, every computer needs virus protection. For good reasons, the term computer virus immediately rings alarm bells. Whether you have a brand new or relatively old computer, your computer must have antivirus protection.
  • A virus infects your computer without your knowledge and can damage your precious files and compromise your data. There are several major antivirus companies no bigger than Totalav, Avira, Avg, Avast or
  • Mcafee, but is it the best? To help stop viruses, below are some fantastic free antivirus activities that will help you.
  • We receive advertising revenue from antivirus software, more information here; this can affect how and where their applications are present. Use our comparison tools to get the best antivirus protection from your security requirements.

Multiple motor antivirus protection

  • 360 Total Security is among the most complete and authoritative free antivirus programs available and will protect you from nearly all dangers you could face online.
  • Assessing your PC for risks is fast, and we’re amazed at its attention to detail. By way of instance, if eliminating a detected threat demands a PC restart, 360 Total Security will let you know.
  • The Avira and Bitdefender motors are disabled by default. That is great, as empowering them raises the RAM use, but you’ve got them as an alternative if you would like to be secure. 360 Total Security also contains a discretionary browser expansion that will notify you whether any pages that you see are possibly malicious. This sounds like overkill to people, because most browsers now will warn you if a website isn’t protected or harmful.

                                360 Total Security crack

360 Total Security crack


Use with caution

  • The Speed Up and Clean Up attributes are combined blessings. Both operate but aren’t as user-friendly as they are. You will locate it with Clean Up. It indicates deleting files that can’t be removed since they’re in use, which can be bothersome.
  • Speed Up does free up RAM, letting you more electricity to conduct matches and resource-hungry programs. But we did have any problems. We needed to reinstall Google Chrome after conducting Speed Up, since it had left adjustments without warning, meaning Chrome no longer functioned.

Simple to use rather than intrusive

  • 360 Total Security is straightforward to use, using a transparent interface that is easy to browse. It explains what each character does, and it’s simple to configure. If you’re searching for an antivirus solution that is not intrusive and allows you to get on with anything you are doing, 360 Total Security is a fantastic option.


  • Free and finish
  • Great interface
  • Uninstrusive


  • Spinning on most of the antivirus engines uses Lots of RAM
  • Clean and accelerate tools should be utilized with caution
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