Start Menu 8 crack + serial key free download 2020

            Start Menu 8 crack + serial key free download 2020

Start Menu 8 crack + serial key free download 2020

Start Menu 8 crack download 2020 is a desktop tool for Windows users, made especially to restore the start button and begin menu to get Windows 8/8.1. By offering more plastic surgeries on the launch menu, Start Menu 8 enables to customizing new group at the start menu listing; users could group any items to have a fast start, also with a more powerful searching engine, an entire disk search could be finished in seconds. It is a convenient Start Menu for Windows 8/8.1 along with a multifunctional menu replacement for Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Key Features

  • Insert the Windows 8 menu to the Start menu. Start Menu restoration for Windows 8 that also allows you to boot straight to desktop, also can be free.
  • Get back your Windows start menu for your Windows 8 using Start Menu 8.
  • Start Menu 8 is a free tool program for Windows 8, which lets you work with the Windows start menu, especially if you are still unfamiliar with the new Metro UI.
  • You can boot upright with the Windows Start Menu, and you may easily switch back into the Metro UI if you would like to. The program is easily customizable and will be the ideal replacement for your Windows 8 UI.
  • Download the Start Menu 8 today and feel simple in having your much-loved launch menu back.


  • If you don’t like your Windows’ Start Menu, then change it. You could say it’s an original appearance, a kind of combination of Windows XP’s classic menu, and that of Windows 7.
  • You can also use Start Menu 10 to alter your Start button. It includes 17 designs, a number of them very interested, like the bird and the pig out of Angry Birds, Apple’s logo, or Ubuntu’s emblem.
  • An extra exciting and somewhat hidden function you find in Start Menu 10 is its shutdown timer.
  • Start Menu 10 includes many different fashions. However, they are not that different. Besides, you are not able to personalize the layout too far by changing colors, or with similar options.
  • You have ever dreamed of a Start Menu that has been just a couple of inches away from the button? Probably not, but now you can find that.
  • Start Menu 10 is an acceptable Start Menu, though it does not figure out how to take away the impression that it’s not actually a start menu but instead a futile accession. Its look isn’t quite capable of mimicking the system, and it finally provides the impression that it lacks a final polishing step.
  • As usual with this type of tool, it can boot you right to the desktop and disable Windows 8″ hot corners.”
  • The program also adds a Windows 8 logo in the bottom left corner of the taskbar. Click this (or press the Windows key) along with a very close copy of the Start Menu appears, with links to your programs, system applets like Control Panel, and the old power-down dialogue.
  • Version 2 expands the bundle with broader searching. Display the menu, begin typing, and Start Menu 8 searches your entire drive for matches.
  • The program can now display recently opened items for individual applications, allowing you to open a document directly from the Start menu.
  • By default, any application opened from Start Menu 8 will no more display the UAC prompt. We are not sure this is a good idea, but you can turn it off in just a few clicks.
  • Extended Explorer integration means that you can pin any program to the menu by right-clicking it and picking”Pin to Start Menu 8″.
  • The bundle also currently runs on almost any version of Windows from XP up.
  • In theory, this is very configurable. You’re able to choose your favorite Start button, menu design (standard or Start Screen-like”Modern”), the menus to be displayed, power actions, hotkeys, and more.

Start Menu 8 crack + serial key free download 2020

Start Menu 8 crack 2020


  • The interface is clean, straight-forward, and easy-to-use.
  • Includes a vast array of skins which lets you change the menu’s look.
  • More performance and comfort.
  • Startmenu8 no longer best brings lower back the handy start menu to home windows eight but additionally lets in you to manoeuvre metro screen on begin of Windows 8 and boot to the calculating device simultaneously.
  • Quickly move among metro and computer ports.
  • Faster get entry to programs and files.
  • Startmenu8 brings a returned start menu Crack wherein you can get faster get right of the entrance to programs, documents, and files, manage panel and settings.
  • Faster looking.
  • IObit Start Menu 8 Pro Activation key Unified and instantaneous searching for both notebook and Metro apps reduces the time taken in hunting and makes Your paintings much more effective.
  • Customizable in your desires.
  • IObit Start-Menu Pro Registration key You could pin packages to begin the menu and taskbar for faster access in your favourite bags. It is without difficulty customizable to have the entirety you want at just one click.
  • Operating the gadget: home windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
  • IObit Start-Menu Pro License key Fixed the occasional collapse of hiding the taskbar in full-screen mode.
  • Continuous the problem that some programs can not pass UAC while starting from the begin menu.
  • Consistently confessed insects.

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